The idea of inbound marketing is a rather interesting area wherein it’s not just about search engine optimization (SEO), but rather a wider span of various internet marketing means. Inbound marketing comprises of domains like search, PR, Content, social, CRO, email and likewise. Now what is it that’s going to affect the world of inbound marketing in 2013? Read on to find out the 10 most popular predictions.

1.      Google’s undaunted domination of search

There has been a lot of talk about Apple and Facebook getting into search and so many others going for market shares and likewise. However, fact remains nothing will ultimately be able to make a dent in Google’s domination of the search world and that applies for 2013 as well. Most importantly, it’s being predicted that Google’s market share will also remain steady.

2.      Inbound marketing to be more visible

The prediction for 2013 points to the fact that now the term “inbound marketing” will be more in vogue and it’ll show the door to SEO. This should be more than expected given the term SEO proves to be so very limiting for professionals.

3.    App store searches might be ignored

The last 2 years saw a lot of attention being drawn to app store searches. However, too much serious effort in this direction isn’t expected from marketers and that too on the SEO side. This is essentially because searching the app store isn’t anything like searching the web.

4.      Websites to move away from Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the only provider of web visitor tracking and isn’t likely to retain all the websites in its kitty. Apparently marketers are growing more suspicious of Google and are less happy about relying on what the search giant grants or doesn’t grant. Perhaps this trend might be small, but even then it’s expected.

5.      Google Plus will be growing at a slower pace

It’s being predicted that Google Plus will continue growing in 2013, though at a much slower pace especially when compared to 2012. The active users are expected to grow at best by twice the number as compared to a growth curve of 5 times the number of last year.

6.    Google expected to introduce more protocols

The prediction about Google introducing more protocols holds ground considering their complex, nuanced and fast paced search engine. Moreover, it’s being expected that there’ll be an introduction to new optimization protocols and opportunities.

7.    Co-occurrence to have an impact on search rankings

2013 will also show us the impact that co-occurrence of brands and websites will have. The co-occurrence of keyword phrases is an interesting fact and all this will be seen through the correlation data as well as specific experiments.

8.      More substantive efforts for organic participation

Be it Facebook or even Twitter, social media is expected to do better as compared to the previous years under service that they’ve done to their advertisers and marketers. It’s being predicted that further substantial and robust options will be available on the data side.

9.    Major transaction expected in the inbound marketing field

The prediction about a major transaction or two in the inbound marketing field is more than expected and this’ll prove a potential rival to the iCrossing acquisition, both in terms of size as well as scope.

10.  Consolidation to continue in the social media


There’s an ongoing trend of social media tools taking on an acquisition perspective. It’s expected that the few tool companies are bound to take over the features of the smaller companies in 2013.


The 10 predictions discussed above should give you a glimpse of what social inbound marketing in 2013 will be like.