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The Future of SEO ÔÇô Do You Know Who Are the Major Players?

Ever since Google brought its Panda update to the world, SEO experts have had to change the way they market. With the introduction of Google +, forecasters see a new trend; marketers are going to spend more time getting traffic to their site from any medium- not just search engines. Social media has played a huge role in the sweeping changes to SEO. Now more than ever, Google is relying on users sharing, comments, and recommendations to rank pages more effectively.The ability to fool the...

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The Changes In SEO & Things You Need to Know about Panda 3.7 & 3.8.

Recently┬áSujan Patel┬áfrom┬áSingle Grain┬ácame with an excellent post regarding the recent changes in SEO & things every┬áSEO Professionalsneed to know there are big changes came in algorithm of major search engines┬á that really changed the way of thinking. The first one Sujan covered in ÔÇ£Google Panda 3.7ÔÇ│. Lets see what he mentioned in his blog for Single Grain - On June 8th, 2012, Google rolled out a minor refresh of the Panda algorithm called┬áPanda 3.7, which the search giant claimed noticeably affected only...

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Four Reasons Why Business Process Outsourcing Helps to Run Business Smoothly

BPO has become a common term at present in the world of business. In fact, BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing. Using the BPO system, people get the advantage of completing their respective tasks deploying an external (third party) firm from outside of the country. It is the process of hiring outsider firm(s) to complete some specific tasks of any company or organizations. The process helps to boost up the productivity inside a corporation or industry due to its simplicity. At present BPO has become...

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