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Will Google Brush up the Individual or Unfit Blogs?

Recently Google authority has taken initiatives to de-index some of the paid blog networks like linkvana, Build My Rank, Authority Link network and more. Why Google is performing such act that may have a negative effect on a large number of people? It is being done to prevent ÔÇÿunnaturalÔÇÖ links that are being spread over the internet from these ÔÇÿpaid blogging networksÔÇÖ in order for achieve any specific gain. But it is not the conclusion, rather a niggling issue for all of...

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The Good to Know Benefits of Outsourcing SEO Services to East and South Asia

For every business, expanding their online presence is very important. And that can be done by having a good SEO campaign online and hiring a reliable SEO services company to do the job. Having an SEO company to assist you will offer a great assurance of increasing your presence online. The latest online trend actually made a great leap in how business and even SEO companies are working now. The internet is the main medium being used by many companies, from advertising,...

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SEO and Social Media : Working Together for Online Marketing

Some people say that the spike of social media has put SEO to an end. But that is actually far from reality because social media is not the best key for online marketing success. The truth is that, it is only one piece of the puzzle to complete a good online marketing tool. SEO and social media should actually work together for a great online marketing campaign. Following are some of the facts which prove that SEO and social media can work...

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