Recently Google authority has taken initiatives to de-index some of the paid blog networks like linkvana, Build My Rank, Authority Link network and more. Why Google is performing such act that may have a negative effect on a large number of people? It is being done to prevent ÔÇÿunnaturalÔÇÖ links that are being spread over the internet from these ÔÇÿpaid blogging networksÔÇÖ in order for achieve any specific gain.

But it is not the conclusion, rather a niggling issue for all of us (particularly people engaged with blogging both in individual and organizational level). Google basically is an automated business initiative where most of the tasks are done automatically. When Google index or de-index the blog networks, it is also performed in an automated algorithmic way. Again when the links are spread from the blogging networks, they are also automated and randomly transmitted.

Unfortunately, Google may make a massive change on its algorithm to look for and de-index the lower rank blogs transmitted from networks. But there are great chances that the algorithm may also de-index the individual blogs composed for link building since there is no specific tweaking on the algorithm for not to trace the individual blogs. There are somewhat chances that besides tracking the larger blog networks, Google can adopt measures to trace the individual blogs for removing from the index.

It is alarming for the posts that contain too much links of different websites and particularly the links are connected with the body text of those blogs aiming to uphold something.

I do not assure you that it will happen. But there are chances. Google may discard the unnecessary link building blog networks from index, and may also remove the individual blog posts used for the same tasks. It is a cautionary signal for the bloggers around the globe and also for those large networks who promote different websites against receiving money. And all the tasks of de-indexing will be performed automatically. In fact, you may even not be informed that you have been de-indexed from the list!

In addition Google may deploy some other manual measures to decide the removal process. The process may justify the social media links engaged with the posts. Most of the social media accounts related with the blog posts prove fake or rarely used. This metric of measure will help to take the decision promptly.

The Google body may also deploy some other measures to sort out such blogs and networks. They may use a blog popularity measure. By this process if the blog or post (it doesnÔÇÖt matter if it belongs to a network or individual) receives a specific percent of negative marking, it will be removed/ de-indexed or punished.

If any website gets such links from the blog posts over the gateway, surely the links are unnatural and triggered from the webmaster tools. Google will check back the link duration for how long they had been found on the websites.

To make the issue clearer and brief, the initiative Google is scheduled to take is to differentiate between the real blogs and the below standard blogs. It will be done over the blog networks and individual blogs in order for retaining the real one. The real blogs those are truly helpful for people will sustain on the web. On the other hand, the blog posts that are created to provide backlinks for specific websites will be brushed off or de-indexed.

Thus, it has become a mandatory issue for all of us to monitor and maintain the blog post (doesnÔÇÖt matter if the blogs owned by networks or individuals). We are to ensure the blog quality and the aftermaths of the postings. At times the posts become changed due to several circumstances. If you feel or see that your content is being changed or handed over to other people, possibly it is better to erase the texts.

There are some notes on the websites over the ÔÇÿunusual linksÔÇÖ perhaps sent to warn the webmasters not to involve in such activities. There is a possibility of getting de-indexed in the list of Google, or may be punished in several ways.

We truly do not want to make us witnesses of noticing a large degradation of blogs in Google index. But we almost have reached on the stage for such contribution that has been continued from a couple of years back to promote other websites. We are nearly at the verge of blog degradation by the Google for our deeds.