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Selecting A Company For SEO In 2013

SEO is an industry that is very fluid-like and has a history of shifting shapes, which leaves those who need the services in a confusing state when it comes to selecting an SEO company in 2013. The industry of online SEO offers a very cloudy mixture of SEO tactics. Many of these are still being sold as viable methods online, despite their lacking of SEO value in the current landscape of SEO that Google as created through algorithms. Avoiding companies of SEO...

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Announcement of the 2013 Results of Local Search Ranking Factors

If this is the very first time that you have ever heard of local search ranking factors, you can find a lot of information about them online. Below are a few of the highlights regarding the changes this year: This year is the groupÔÇÖs very first effort of helping readers distinguish between the signals that possess more or less prevalence, depending on the type of result that Google is showing (maps, carousel/pack, or localized organic). Given that a massive section of the...

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How You Can Rank And Target Higher For Low Competition Keywords

Don't attempt to optimize your site with keywords that have a lot of competition. For example, if you were to a search on Google for the keyword ÔÇ£SEOÔÇØ you would get a result of 716,000,000 pages. You don't have to be a genius of marketing to know that there is too much competition for this specific keyword and that it will be very hard to rank well for this term. Therefore, besides concentrating efforts on on keywords that are easier and more...

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