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Useful Tools
Useful Tools for Advancing Your International SEO Process

A frequently asked question is ÔÇô what are the ideal tools that I can use to advance my global SEO efforts? There are certain tools that I use and I am willing to share how they work in my global SEO activities. It is a known fact that these tools I am using have the objective of supporting each phase of your journey, including the identification of the potential, focusing on an international audience, optimization and promotion of websites, measuring and gaining...

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Outstanding Correlation Between Higher Search Rankings And Google +1s

Each two years, the team known as Moz will run a study of scientific correlation to determine the amount of quality of websites that have a powerful association with high ranking in Google. For the first time in history, this year the Data Team of Science called Moz and Dr. Matt Peters estimated and measured the correlation in between higher rankings and Google +1s. The results were very shocking. After page authority, the number that a URL has of Google +1s is...

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Comparing the Google+ and Google Places Page Management Interfaces

Keeping some of the problems aside that Google had faced while integrating its product mixture and Zagat, it has been observed that GoogleÔÇÖs own marketing and brand problems in the Local space are in its record.The management interfaces of Google+ and Google places pageÔÇöincluding that of the Local to Maps to plain Google PlusÔÇöseem to have some interaction problems not only for users but also for elite class users. This misguided exercise or haphazardness of different brands seem the same to those...

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