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The Correct Keywords are the Keys to Success

It does not matter whether you are writing web content; articles for the directories like eZines, or simply writing metatags, keywords must be a vital part of the entire package. The best content in the world will not get read if your website is locked up on page ten of search results. While there are many different aspects to creating a dynamic SEO plan finding the best keywords and using the distribution that is most search friendly is one of the most...

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New wave SEO/SEM is here!

Like most things, especially things related to high tech and the internet, SEO/SEM tactics and strategies change over time. The reason for this is simple: Rapid internet growth. The core of SEO has been providing top quality content, attracting an audience and getting clicks and hopefully back links from them. But while this has always been and still is an important part of any effective plan it can no longer function alone. To paraphrase John Dunne, ÔÇ£No website is an islandÔÇØ. The...

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Useful Tools
Useful Tools for Advancing Your International SEO Process

A frequently asked question is ÔÇô what are the ideal tools that I can use to advance my global SEO efforts? There are certain tools that I use and I am willing to share how they work in my global SEO activities. It is a known fact that these tools I am using have the objective of supporting each phase of your journey, including the identification of the potential, focusing on an international audience, optimization and promotion of websites, measuring and gaining...

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Outstanding Correlation Between Higher Search Rankings And Google +1s

Each two years, the team known as Moz will run a study of scientific correlation to determine the amount of quality of websites that have a powerful association with high ranking in Google. For the first time in history, this year the Data Team of Science called Moz and Dr. Matt Peters estimated and measured the correlation in between higher rankings and Google +1s. The results were very shocking. After page authority, the number that a URL has of Google +1s is...

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Selecting A Company For SEO In 2013

SEO is an industry that is very fluid-like and has a history of shifting shapes, which leaves those who need the services in a confusing state when it comes to selecting an SEO company in 2013. The industry of online SEO offers a very cloudy mixture of SEO tactics. Many of these are still being sold as viable methods online, despite their lacking of SEO value in the current landscape of SEO that Google as created through algorithms. Avoiding companies of SEO...

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