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GoogleÔÇÖs Recent Algorithm Update (Penguin) : A Step to Punish Evils on Search Space!

Search engine giant, Google, launched another updated version to check spamming, dubbed as Penguin. After its inception on April 24, some of the siteÔÇÖs ranking has slightly changed, while the most other remains as usual. Of course the changes in the site ranking have made some of the website owners worried. Why it happened? Is Panda returning by another form? Has the prediction of Matt Cutts become true, which he mentioned over optimization a couple of months back? Penguin is a fresh...

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Google Launches ÔÇ£PenguinÔÇØ Update: A New Weapon to Fight Webspam

Presently the newer inventions of science and technology are making human life more comfortable and easier. Online business is one of such processes that help people to shop sitting at home within a few mouse clicks. Thus businesspeople invest bucks to build online stores to boost up their sales, and profits as well. But, there are some certain other dominating factors that solely control the online business ground. What if people do not find you amid the zillions of your competitors? There...

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