Search engine giant, Google, launched another updated version to check spamming, dubbed as Penguin. After its inception on April 24, some of the siteÔÇÖs ranking has slightly changed, while the most other remains as usual. Of course the changes in the site ranking have made some of the website owners worried. Why it happened? Is Panda returning by another form? Has the prediction of Matt Cutts become true, which he mentioned over optimization a couple of months back?

Penguin is a fresh set of algorithms that is coded to detect spammy activities in search space. It aims at making the webspace spam free, and is to penalize the spammy websites or links. However, Cutts in his speech gave us some hints that something is getting out to control over the web. But here is nothing to get afraid. Penguin doesnÔÇÖt aim to block any of the SEO activities. Penguin is only made to prevent/ penalize the spammy items of a website. It wonÔÇÖt deal with the Search Engine Optimization process.

But, it doesnÔÇÖt refer that your website is free from the risk of being penalized by Penguin. As a website owner, you have the right to think that your website is free from spam. Being spam free, you are to hope next that it will also be free from Penguin penalties. Unfortunately, there is a difference between human perception and coded perception of spam. The difference of smelling spam creates dilemma for us.

In fact, Google introduced Penguin to uphold the validity of every elements used in websites round the globe. It is a tool to battle against the false temptations across the web that allures people. The battle is commonly termed as ÔÇÿwhite hat SEOÔÇÖ versus ÔÇÿblack hatÔÇÖ SEO. Penguin is set to bless the authentic one, and punish the guilty.

How to Keep Safe

Those who are afraid of the punishment by the algorithmÔÇöPenguin, I would rather advise them not to lose sleep. You do not need to worry for a moment if you or your webmaster does not make any trick to achieve a higher rank for your website which is a common issue for the others.

First of all, most of the webmasters are used to deploy keyword accumulating process. By this way the keywords get repeated frequently on a webpage. Besides, the contents of the webpage also contain the same keywords used earlier for a better exposure to the audiences, and most of the cases the keywords prove unnecessary with the contents. But to draw contents you may have to use keywords, and make sure the keywords make any specific meaning, not to fill the content pages. Moreover if the contents are filled with only by the keywords, I guess it will bear a negative impact on the readers or viewers of the website. There is a large possibility for the website visitors that they may not return or refer anyone over the website for such poor contents.

Further, there is a course to provide back link for a specific website from different corners. But Google analyses every link and checks the authenticity of the links. Google looks back if the links are related with your website or not, helpful for the visitors, or only to upsurge your website traffic and more. Since the links play one of the greatest roles to build your site rankings, add some that is right for your site and belong to minimum industry standard.

Besides, people tend to add content replica on their respective websites for a number of reasons. It may occur to reduce manual labor or to save money. But adding duplicate content on a website, you cannot get a better ranking. Always try to add high quality natural contents on your sites that will attract the visitors and make them returning visitors till your website lasts. DoesnÔÇÖt matter if you draw the contents or deploy a ghost writer to suit the need, make sure the contents are great in all senses.