Presently the newer inventions of science and technology are making human life more comfortable and easier. Online business is one of such processes that help people to shop sitting at home within a few mouse clicks. Thus businesspeople invest bucks to build online stores to boost up their sales, and profits as well.

But, there are some certain other dominating factors that solely control the online business ground. What if people do not find you amid the zillions of your competitors? There is a large possibility that you got thousands of contestants who sell the same products you are selling. The events turn worst when the rivals become reputed for their service. Why should customers look for you since they are receiving the same thing from your rivalry stores/ organizations?

Since you are running an online business, you must set your business strategy earlier. You can avoid the hide and seek game provided that you and your online store (the website that deals with productsÔÇÖ online trading) are indexed with the major search engines. When the customers search for any specific product(s)/ service against some picky keywords, there is a chance that your website (online store) may appear before them on their first search result.

Keep in mind: only a well ranked website will appear on the first of the search engine.

You are to perform some search engine optimization tasks to get your website indexed and ranked by the search engines giants like Google, Yahoo!, Bing etc. The engines use a number of algorithms to rank the websites.

But at present the scenario of ranking the websites based on algorithms has taken a sharp bend owing some specific facts. Search engine giant, Google, has brought massive changes on the algorithms it uses to rank the sites on its directories to be appeared on search results after some specific keywords.

Usually the variations or changes are termed as ÔÇÿUpdateÔÇÖ. And interestingly Google has made several algorithm updates in the last few years to rank the websites. The updates are one of the most influential facts to get a search engine result for any specific service we need. But the updates most often remain unnoticed, while some are noticed without proper attention. Whether it is noticed or ignored, the algorithm updates matters!

For different categories of websites, Google needs regular and updated algorithms to rank them. Even to make the updates familiar with the outer world except the Google den, they are attractively titled. But some complexities always prevail over the naming episode. Some of the naming is made by Google itself, like the ÔÇÿVinceÔÇÖ update of 2009. And at times external parties offer the title, as it was done for ÔÇÿMaydayÔÇÖ update of 2010.

Recently, the heavyweight search engine, Google, has made another update titled ÔÇÿPenguinÔÇÖ. Earlier to Penguin, Google introduced Panda in February, 2011. Panda was engineered to deal with the shoddy website contents. But Penguin is computed solely, from the earlier of January this year, to battle with the advertising website pages. It will look for the websites that contain excessive commercials, and punish them after the intensity.

However, regarding the title complexity like the previous years, Penguin was voted in the social networking sites to hold the title, ÔÇÿTitanicÔÇÖ. But finally Google is free from trouble naming the update as Penguin.

Hail to Penguin!!!