Some people say that the spike of social media has put SEO to an end. But that is actually far from reality because social media is not the best key for online marketing success. The truth is that, it is only one piece of the puzzle to complete a good online marketing tool. SEO and social media should actually work together for a great online marketing campaign.

Following are some of the facts which prove that SEO and social media can work together as a team to produce an inevitable online marketing success.

  1. Social Media networks can drive more traffic. One way of driving more traffic to your company blog site is to post some snippets of each informative post to your Facebook page. Posting doesnÔÇÖt require you to put the whole thing, just the first paragraph of it will do. That would then enable the user to leave the Facebook page be routed to your company blog site to finish reading the blog. When that happens, you have a greater chance of converting such user to become your potential customer. Your own social profile is somewhat considered as the gateway into your main business site.

It is very obvious that one of your aims is to generate a good number of traffic to your site. Thus, social networking is a great way to get in touch with your targeted audience. If SEO and social media marketing are working together, youÔÇÖll definitely notice a good stream of potential customers coming to your main business site.

  1. Social media can generate more and natural links. The most popular social network like Twitter and Facebook are known to show thousands of links every day, shared and tweets by users. Social media is now becoming one great source of news, current events and even best products and services to buy. And often all of that is just merely done by users themselves. By simply publishing your contents and link on these sites, there will be a greater chance that such link or content will link along to other networks. And the more your content is being shared, it looks even better on search engines.
  2. Social Media to increase your online presence. What can be more social that using these social media networks to make your brand known and improve your online presence? If you are searching for top companies, search results always show those that have an active social media presence. Commonly, posts shared on Facebook of LinkedIn profile.

Thus, SEO and social media professionals should accept the reality that if these two will work together, they will be able to achieve the online marketing success that they call for.