Ever since Google brought its Panda update to the world, SEO experts have had to change the way they market. With the introduction of Google +, forecasters see a new trend; marketers are going to spend more time getting traffic to their site from any medium- not just search engines.

Social media has played a huge role in the sweeping changes to SEO. Now more than ever, Google is relying on users sharing, comments, and recommendations to rank pages more effectively.The ability to fool the algorithm with strategic keywords has abruptly been halted through the use of real people to effectively rank pages through social media and sharing.Part of this initiative includes linking pages with profiles- another way to effectively filter out fluffy content.

Google Plus Search Your World has integrated people with content, allowing people to search for a person and all the web-related content linked to their profile. Though Google + is relatively new to the social media scene, it has the edge on other sites like Facebook and Twitter because of its ability to personalize search results on Google searches.

In addition to social media, SEO web tools and platforms are growing in number and quality.┬á Many have updated their services based on the GoogleÔÇÖs changes. It is important to distinguish between a platform (which offers an integrated solution to clients) and a tool (which is designed for a single task or aspect of your site marketing).

Convergence is the future of SEO. The three major players in this new method include social media, content marketing, and traditional SEO strategies. Using all three techniques guarantees that the important information will get ranked quickly and continue to drive business to those with excellent content.