Guest posting is a valid way to write something on anotherÔÇÖs site and to get a valuable link.┬á We are all very much aware about guest lecturers and guest posting is similar to that. Guest lecturers are people who share with others their insights about a specific topic. Similarly, guest posting is a way to share your thoughts by posting them on relevant sites. In a word, we can say that guest posting means writing and publishing articles to othersÔÇÖ websites or blogs.

Guest posting is basically done for the purpose of sharing someoneÔÇÖs knowledge but it is also helpful for SEO purposes, and today lots of web masters are trying to be a guest author on relevant websites┬á for getting maximum exposures to target audiences. Due to┬á GoogleÔÇÖs recent algorithm updates , guest blogging become an ultimate choice of content marketers and SEO professionals. Google engineer Matt Cutts also recommends quality guest posting/blogging by keeping audiences in mind instead of using it as an ordinary link-building method. ┬áBy publishing an article to another site you are expanding your publicity. This will also give a backlink to your blog/website which creates extra value for your site. This will increase overall traffic to your site and you can also earn money by posting other peopleÔÇÖs articles on your site.

Guest posting is the result of proper communication and creating a network via forums or social networking sites. I have been doing a guest blog for the last four months and I have already published lots of articles on various sites. When I started guest blogging, I was very much afraid about it, because as a newcomer I didnÔÇÖt have any idea how to do it. I started by searching in Google and began to learn about it. After that I invented my own techniques to post articles by refining the experience of others. I want to share my experience with you, because hopefully I can help you learn as well. At first I was searching in Google for
ÔÇ£guest postÔÇØ and simply approached bloggers to post my article. But at that time the response rate was too poor. After that I used another technique of customizing email. I sent lots of customized email based on a siteÔÇÖs requirements and day by day my response rate increased.┬á Then I started to use various forums and social networking sites for guest blogging, like myblogguest, blogsynergy, facebook,twitter etc.┬á I still have a long way to go in guest posting but it is also true that my various types of research have helped me to become a successful guest blogger. I want to share some techniques with you:

  1. Search relevant niche sites and create a list
  2. Before sending email to a site you have to visit that site thoroughly and identify what type of posts it allows
  3. Customize your email based on the site
  4. Never use the same or spam email for all sites
  5. Try to identify the site demand
  6. Try to express your views about the site in the email
  7. Propose one or two titles related to the site
  8. After sending email, try to confirm the site owner via social networking
  9. Finally send quality posts for your guest posting

Lots of experts share their opinions about guest posting.  If you search on Google you can find lots of expert advice. For your convenience I will share some of their tips about guest posting.

  • Dean Hunt:

ÔÇ£For every three blog posts you write, offer one of them on a competitorÔÇÖs blog. This will get you recognized, it will get you free traffic; you get credibility by association.ÔÇØ

  • Corbett Barr:


Make sure your own blog or site is worth sharing

  • Jeff Goins:

ÔÇ£If the blogger posts your article, first thank her. Then, treat it as you would one of your own posts, if not better. Tweet it, share it, email it, etc. Post an excerpt on your own blog and link it to the whole article. Interact in the comments and engage readers who respond. This is a must.ÔÇØ

  • Andrew Nattan:

ÔÇ£Confidence carries the day when it comes to guest posting.ÔÇØ

  • AmamBasabti:

ÔÇ£As editors are busy, they do not have the time to imagine how your post relates to their niche. Your pitch has to be specific to their blog from the outset. The simplest way to make your post appear more specific is to use the right language.

Finally, I want to say that guest posting is a way to share your knowledge with others and the success of guest posting  totally depends on your techniques and communication skills. The more you develop them the better you will be as a successful guest blogger. If you think only about link building then chances are you will be ignored by fellow bloggers!

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