There are many things that need to be considered when you think of using SEO to add publicity to your website. All of this makes sure your website gets publicized well enough to add importance to your business in case itÔÇÖs linked to any. There are going to be navigational problems that viewers are going to face once they are on your website. The only way to make your website user friendly as well as easy enough for the viewers to comprehend and get through is by employing proper SEO techniques. This will make sure viewers spend more time on your website.

SEO industry was set up with the sole motive of improving a websiteÔÇÖs performance. Providing good user experiences never featured amongst the priorities of the SEO industry, at least not in the earlier times. The latest news about the recent developments in the world of SEO adds lots of significance to the page ranking above anything else. Aside from the importance of page ranking, there are lots of other things such as Google Author Rank that have started to matter as the definition of SEO continues to change with time.

Google Author Rank

There has already been an implementation of Google Author Rank. It has been from GoogleÔÇÖs end. There are many people that are still unaware of this possibly because of the SEO industry hasnÔÇÖt been fast enough to give out the probable reaction. As per the records, only 1% of the blogs on technology have carried out the implementation of Authorship for their respective websites.

GoogleÔÇÖs search algorithm is going to suffer an impact because of the implementation of Google Authorship. But the impact is going to be far from anything big. Not many people have a clear idea of what the changes are going to be. There are only a few executives and engineers in Google that seem to possess the idea of the impact that the implementation of Google Authorship is going to lay on the search algorithm.

Nevertheless, online Authorship is going to help experts anticipate to what extent the implementation of Authorship has taken place in GoogleÔÇÖs algorithm. Since Authorship canÔÇÖt be overlooked as an insignificant change, there is every chance that Google is going to take this matter very seriously. This means that there are going to be a number of tests before the complete implementation. This will make sure there isnÔÇÖt a repetition of anything that happened before the arrival of the Penguin and Panda era. Since several warnings have been given out for months in advance, itÔÇÖs important that there isnÔÇÖt any delay in the necessary preparations.

The importance of Google Author Rank

The Internet has been taking in regular information from every corner of the world. So, what role does Author Rank has to play in it? Well, the establishment of content authorities on different topics irrespective of the individual addresses of websites is successfully done with Author Rank. This way Authorship ensures the implementation of a ranking metric. This will work irrespective of the individual web addresses. This will give users more information about the experts. It will also become easier for users to search for the experts by their names.

Where does SEO stand?

Gone are the days when 10-15 words keyword density worked really well in the improvement of website rankings. Since sharing has become very easy through Google Authorship, the development of your page rank isnÔÇÖt going to be hard anymore with the availability of another powerful metric.

SEO isnÔÇÖt dead as of now. The definition of useful content is what is changing. A lot of improvements are being done to enhance the existence of quality content. The only way you can make the necessary preparations for your SEO is by opening a Google Authorship account.