There are several ranking factors these days that should be used effectively in order for anyone to rank high. Some of the important factors include significant and unique content, external link quality, and the use and placement of important keywords. Each ranking factor though is still subject to debate and many SEO companies are still in confusion on which of these factors matters most to become a top-notch SEO.

The importance of these factors though varies accordingly. There are still other factors that might seem neglected but are still taking SEO somewhere. IF everyone should only learn how to use and control each factor, they will absolutely become great in SEO and will be able to generate lots and lots of traffic.

Primarily, letÔÇÖs consider the freshness of the content. All the information that can be found on the web ranges from a month old up to a minute. But you can never tell that the recent one is the most relevant information. For instance, thereÔÇÖs a certain post about an important happened a week ago. You might be seeing as not the most relevant one but then, it might be the most relevant one for a user that has been searching for that topic. That is one reason why Google had just recently finished the Caffeine Web indexing system which makes them crawl and index through these huge amount of information to look for fresh content. Such development allows Google to have a better understanding of the level freshness for every search needs.

Other than a great content, another effective ranking factor is the use Keyword Anchor Banklinks. One important part of search engine optimization is link building. Backlinks to your own site from other relevant and high ranking sites is important for a higher page rank. The higher number of backlinks you have on your page, the greater is the possibility of acquiring a higher rank. The words that are visible in the hyperlink of a banklink are the anchor text. These words play an important part in giving search engines the relevancy for your site and associating your website with those keywords. In return increasing SERPs and puts you in a higher rank.

If you havenÔÇÖt heard of authorship markup, itÔÇÖs one way that Google will be able to connect to the personal content on the web. In SERP, the main purpose of authorship is to create a trust between the user and the search engine. It gives all the users the assurance that all the posts were created by a real author and not just some spammy content. As a result, it will bring more traffic and a higher rank.